Professional Design That Turns Visitors Into Clients

You don't have to settle for cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all design that doesn't communicate the professionalism and quality of your practice. With You can browse our client list for a design that inspires you, or show us sites that really make you tic, and we will create a custom design based on your ideas and inspirations.

Our design consultants will help you mold your vision and employ proven techniques that convert tire-kickers into buyers.

Marketing Tools To Bring Your Message To More People

A great site means nothing if people can't find you on the web. Our marketing experts put you on the right track to develop good online marketing habits that are proven to bring in results!

"Guys, I'm sorry I haven't been able to give you more feedback on the site, I have been so busy with the new work that has come in from the site!"

Email from Deborah just two days after site launched

Professional Copy-Writing That Evokes A Response

A legal site doesn't have to be boring. You need a site that communicates to your client but more importantly motivates them to respond. Professional copy-writing means the difference between a site that moves people to action, or a site that drives potential customers away. We help you walk the fine line to engage and motivate your site visitors to action.

Website Designs that Bring in MORE clients and Cases

Lawyers were some of the first users of the Internet to market their law practices when their pricey Yellow Page ads became nothing but a doorstop or booster seat for the grand kids. The only real source for new clients and cases is the web. Many law firms are frustrated with the attempts they've made so far.

They've paid thousands to "snake oil" sales people that promise the moon and stars and burn up their phone line virtually daily. Very few legal sites make it to Google PAGE ONE, and even if they do rarely result in converting visitors to clients. Isn't that why you built a website? To get clients?

Call Center Service

We know how important it is to engage your potential clients quickly and open doors for them to contact you that are clear and easy to use. We also know that some firms just don't have the staff to man a call center. We offer affordable 800 number support and onsite live chat to help you engage with your potential clients.

Let us help you keep the line of communication open.

Content Management Made Easy!

The biggest headache for website owners is managing their sites. uses a customized version of the extremely popular WordPress content management platform. We put the tools in your hands so you or members of your staff can manage and adjust your stie how you want when you want! You have complete control over your site with professional and very thorough coaching and support.


About lawSITES.PRO – Building Websites For Lawyers and Business Owners


Everything You Need To Boost Your Online Presence

sites are built from the ground up to make them easy for you to use. We help drive traffic to your site from paid and free organic sources. We make sure each site has an attached BLOG so you can leverage the web and social media to bring visitors to your site and increase your rankings. We help you to link your website with existing social networks you might already have set-up, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. We can automate these social media accounts to save you time, energy and money. We can create new accounts you’ve overlooked, and “dress up” those social media accounts you might have set-up but never had a professional designer “dial in.” We can make your Facebook page, your LinkedIn Page, your Google+ page, your Twitter page, your AVVO page all look like your “brand” —like your website— so that all these Internet channels will work together in a professional and eye-pleasing manner to make your practice look as if you are attentive to details as your clients will expect.   MORE

Have an existing site that’s doing the job? – Have us dial-in your Social Media Marketing

Even if you have a pretty good looking and effective website, we can co-brand your social media accounts so that your firm’s “look and feel” are replicated and the synergy of all these Internet channels will work together and move you ahead like you cannot believe. We will encourage you to expand your social media networking to the now mandatory Google+ (if you care at all about Google rankings), Google+ Local, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and other heavily-traveled social media sites to build traffic, increase rankings, and establish those all-important top-drawer backlinks. All of these actions will work together to bring you the clients and cases you deserve. We can teach to do do it, or do it all on your behalf for negligible cost.   MORE

Personalized “On-Site” Live Chat help

Once visitors are frequenting your site, we can provide you personalized onsite live chat help to offer your prospective “want it now” clients that personalize instant connection that our culture expects, doubling conversions over sites without “live personnel.” Our trained pros are ready to answer questions (as staff –not lawyers), offer reassurances and set-up personalized call-backs from you, your case manager, or staff. When visitors are looking forward to a call back they usually halt their “lawyer shopping” and you have every possible advantage to scooping up a client if you determine that their legal matter is a good match.   MORE

Our Law Practice and Business Clients choose us for THREE primary reasons:

1 – We Are Internet Marketing people first

  • We learned long ago that a business website is the result of initial research followed by a marketing plan of action. The design of a website must take into account the customer’s needs on the Internet including WHO the client’s competitors are, and HOW our client will take advantage of the power of the Internet to be FOUND for the targeted market desired with the ultimate GOAL to grow his or her business.

2 –Our Service

  • We care. We listen. We research. We’re responsive. Our crew members remain involved in your web projects from start to finish. Our CMS Website projects are delivered on time and on budget. We don’t do “one size fits all,” but rather a custom tailored solution to fit a client’s needs, focusing on getting the job done right so it will produce the best possible results.

3 –Our People

Who we are? —We are you~!

We’re regular people: living, working, loving – parents and children, professors and students, pastors and parishioners, friends and colleagues.

Our Crew Members here at Lawsites:

  • Keith
  • Jeremy
  • Daniel
  • Matt
  • Eric
  • Megan
– Founder – Website Designer, Content Copywriter, Internet Marketing & PPC Management, Husband & Father since 1998
– Master Geek, Brilliant Coder, Visual Mastermind, Photo-Shop Guru, PHP, CSS & HTML & Pastor, Husband & Father since 2004
– Website Designer and Photo-Shop Artist, HTML throwback since 2007
– Website & Graphics Designer, amazing Photoshop geek, newly married 🙂 since 2004
– Website Designer & Coder, PHP, CSS and HTML Coder, Racquetball champion since 2005
– PPC Campaign Manager, Google AdWords and BingAds Management Team Leader, New University Graduate since 2010

You will meet one or all of us during our routine telephone conference calls.

Get Professional Web Design and SEO from Lawsites

Don’t leave your website design and critical SEO in the hands of an amateur. If your law practice website hasn’t been getting the job done, then your practice is suffering and missing daily opportunities. Get the clients you deserve with professional web design from Lawsites.

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